Elliot Hill Head Chef at 'Oddfellows Hotel' in Chester

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Elliot Hill is the dynamic chef behind the food offering at the Oddfellows Chester Hotel and has a wealth of experience when it comes to food.


He’s worked as part of the opening team at Hotel Gotham in Manchester, was head chef at The Park Tavern in London, cooked in Russia’s capital of Moscow and popped up at various restaurant pop-up’s in London such as The Frog in Shoreditch. He is a real rising star with an ability to create incredibly expressive food through blending his passion and energy with exceptional produce. Currently, his focus is turned to developing the new restaurant experience at the Oddfellows Hotel called ‘Cultivated’ where the menus focus on modern British Food.


His years of experience gives him an unreviled depth of insight that shines through in his inspiring menus. He certainly shows no signs of slowing down and is also currently a finalist in the Game Chef of the Year competition for 2019. I am so privileged to have this legend endorsing and serving Mossy’s Original!


“Excellent product – It’s the clotted cream of yogurts!”

Elliot Hill


I love the way he describes Mossy’s as the Clotted Cream of Yogurts!  Thanks, Elliot.