Andrew Doherty Head Chef at Dakota Delux Hotel Glasgow

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With an accumulated 17 years of hospitality experience, he is a chef you can certainly trust to enliven your taste buds and delight your eyes with his culinary masterpieces.



He started his chef career at the young age of 14 years old and started off washing pots and pans, and you can bet he washed those pots and pans to a gleaming standard every time. From there has worked his way up to where he is today heading up the excellent team of chefs at the exclusive Dakota Delux Glasgow.


When you visit his kitchen, you can feel the passion, energy and pride pumping in the atmosphere. He says that he had always been amazed by the thoroughness and consistency of the food going on around him in the early days, and that’s what intrigued and inspired him to go on and learn more and more and enabled to get where he is today, and he shows no signs of slowing down. It is a massive honour and so enthusing to have Andrew Doherty serving Mossy’s.


Andrew says that for him and his team, it’s about doing the simple things brilliantly, and that Mossy’s is very much one of those products for them. He said initially when we met, he thought, “Ok, it’s a yogurt” simple as it is, but he goes on to say…


“Its when you actually get to taste it, that it really comes to life”

Andrew Doherty


That’s what got them excited about Mossy’s! See why other chefs are loving the versatility of Mossy’s…