Mossy’s Mousse Dome Chris Wheeler exclusive recipe

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“When you cut this dessert, your guests will have a nice surprise seeing the raspberry centre.”






Raspberry Centre
40g raspberry puree
10g sugar

For the Dome
475g Mossy’s Original
45ml milk
7 gelatine leaves
120g sugar
465g whipping cream
Vanilla essence
150g coconut puree

1 passion fruit
½ mango
½ papaya
1 kiwi
¼ pineapple

50g dark chocolate




Boil the raspberry puree with the sugar. Using a small dome-shaped mould, fill halfway and freeze. Keeping 10g aside for garnish.


Mix the Mossy’s with the sugar and vanilla essence. Soak the gelatine into cold water. Pour the milk into a pan and heat up. Boil the milk and coconut puree. Dissolve the gelatine into the milk and slowly pour into the Mossy’s mixture.


Whip the cream by hand until it forms soft peaks and fold it into the Mossy’s. Pour into a dome mould halfway and insert the frozen raspberry half dome inside, fill with more Mossy’s mixture and freeze.


Remove from the mould once frozen so that you have a smooth finish. Defrost before serving. Melt some chocolate and spread onto acetate sheets, cut out triangles and use it as a decoration on the dome.


For the tropical fruit salsa – half and scoop out the seeds from the passion fruit. Peel and dice the mango, papaya, pineapple, kiwi, and mix with the passion fruit.




Place a dome in the middle of the plate.  Decorate with the chocolate triangles.  Arrange raspberry puree dots and tropical fruit salsa around.



Enjoy your #mossysmoment