Seal of approval! The one and only Paul Ainsworth

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Not long after Mossy’s launched at Tom Kerridge’s Hand & Flowers, the one and only Paul Ainsworth spotted it too!


Paul is one of the kindest and most passionate chefs you’ll ever meet.  His enthusiasm and passion are infectious which is mirrored in his unparalleled ability to create breathtaking flavours and beautifully composed dishes.  His standards when it comes to cooking, flavours, and food are among the highest in the world.  Therefore, to hear him say ‘Delicious’ three times in a row after his first spoonful of Mossy’s and then immediately ask for more, just meant so so much!


It’s not surprising that Michelin star chef Paul Ainsworth’s standards are so high today when he spent a lot of his early career working for some of the most reputed chefs in history, including; Gordon Ramsay, Gary Rhodes and Marcus Wareing.  He then went on to open his own restaurant in Padstow, Cornwall, and in 2009 took over full ownership and called it ‘Paul Ainsworth at No.6’.  The very place I met him when he tried Mossy’s!  This restaurant was awarded a Michelin star in 2013, and Paul has gone from strength to strength since and now has a family of 6 sensational restaurants and pubs.


Its no wonder that Mr Paul Ainsworth was chosen to appear as a judge on the 2019 Great British Menu series, where everyone agreed his judging and scoring of the chefs was impeccable.  He is a regular, and understandably so on many TV shows where he continues to inspire many aspiring chefs and cooks, decerning foodies, and the world!


Enjoy, and thank you so much, Paul!