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Elliot Hill Elliot Hill Chefs | 10th January 2019

Elliot Hill is the dynamic chef behind the food offering at the Oddfellows Chester Hotel and has a wealth of experience when it comes to food.   He’s worked as part of the opening team at Hotel Gotham in Manchester, was head chef at The Park Tavern in London, cooked in Russia’s capital of Moscow […]

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Chris Wheeler Chris Wheeler Chefs | 10th January 2019

Chris Wheeler, commonly known as The Ginger Chef, is a truly inspirational culinary legend.     He currently heads up the excellent team of highly skilled chefs at the luxury 5 Star Stoke Park Hotel & Golf Club, including the award-winning 3 AA Rosette’s Humphry’s Fine Dining experience. He spent the majority of his early […]

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Andrew Nutter Andrew Nutter Chefs | 10th January 2019

Andrew Nutter is one of the most energetic and hilarious chefs you will ever meet, and he is truly nuts about food!   He has years of experience in many incredible and famous kitchens. At 16 he started training at London’s Savoy Hotel, as well as two years in France working in a whole host […]

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Alain Roux Alain Roux Chefs | 10th January 2019

Alain Roux was born into a family of chefs and is now an incredibly successful and honoured leading light in the culinary world.   In his early years after his initial apprenticeship in pastry, he spent several years touring some of France’s most notable kitchens, including La Cote Saint-Jacques in Joigny and Restaurant Pic in […]

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Andrew Doherty Andrew Doherty Chefs | 10th January 2019

With an accumulated 17 years of hospitality experience, he is a chef you can certainly trust to enliven your taste buds and delight your eyes with his culinary masterpieces.       He started his chef career at the young age of 14 years old and started off washing pots and pans, and you can […]

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Darnell Mather Darnell Mather Chefs | 9th January 2019

Darnell heads up the pastry department of the luxury Dakota Delux Hotel in Glasgow and has been a chef for 6 years.       She started at the famous Old Course Hotel of St Andrews as a commis chef, where her instincts later led her on into the pastry kitchen. She actually did a […]

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